Guitar Technique Reference

Basic Technique for Beginner Guitarists Video

  1. How to Sit and Hold the Guitar.  
  2. How to Hold a Guitar Pick.  
  3. How to play a Single Note with a guitar pick. 
  4. How to Strum Multiple Strings (with a guitar pick). 
  5. Tips and Advice for Beginner Guitarists.


Technique Advice for Beginner Guitarists

  • Avoid Tension!  Keep good posture while practicing.  Do not slouch over to look at your Guitar Neck or Body (unless absolutely necessary while learning, but do not make it a habit!)  Good Posture helps protect your Neck and Back from injury.
  • Avoid Wrist bending and tension. Holding your pick correctly will keep your arm and wrist straight.  Your picking hand and wrist should be able to lay FLAT on the strings.  
  • Keep your Guitar in correct forward facing position.  Do not bend your guitar upwards to look at the Neck or Body. 
  • Keep the Neck slightly slanted upwards.  Maintain comfort.
  • Sit in a Chair with no Arms, a Guitar Stool, or other appropriate seat that allows you to play the guitar with good posture (and not hit anything by accident).  
  • If you Stand and Play, Strap Locks are recommended so your guitar does not fall to the ground. 

If you are Right Handed, Your Right Hand is your Picking Hand, and your Left Hand is your Fretting Hand (the Hand That Touches the Fretboard).  Your Fretting Hand fingers are Numbered from 1 to 4.  Your Index Finger is #1, Middle Finger is #2, Ring Finger is #3 and Little Finger (Pinky) is #4.  

Holding Your Guitar Pick