Lesson 06: Introduction to Playing Chords.

Reading Chord Blocks

The Fretting Hand

  • The Hand that holds down the Strings over the Frets.
  •  The fingers are Numbered 1 Thru 4.  
  • The Index finger is numbered 1, Middle is numbered 2, Ring finger is numbered 3, and the “pinky” or Baby finger is numbered 4.
  • A Chord Block is a graphical representation of Guitar Chords showing proper finger placement.  
  • The Vertical Lines represent the Guitar Strings, whereas the Horizontal Lines represent the Fret Bars.
  • Review the Chords Primer if needed.

Exercise 29: Easy Chord Exercise

  • Memorize the Chords Finger positions (Em and Asus2).
  • Em stands for E Minor, and Asus2 (sus stands for Suspended)
  • / means strum the chord.  The chords in this exercise are strummed as Quarter Notes.
  • X in the chord block means avoid hitting that string when strumming.
  • The Audio File plays the Exercise 4x.
  • See Video for demonstration.

Exercise 30: Easy Chord Picking Exercise

Exercise 31: Pick-Stroke Up & Pick-Stroke Down

  • Form the Em (E minor) Chord and play the following exercise.  
  • V = Pick-Stroke Up, play the note hitting the bottom of the string.
  • See Video for help.

Exercise 32: Pick-Stroke Up & Pick-Stroke Down 2

Exercise 33: Am7 to C Major chord

  • Stacked Tab numbers display strumming a chord in Tab.  
  • Notes above the tab display the chord and it’s value.
  • Memorize the chord fingerings then practice.
  • The Audio File plays Exercise 33 4x total for practice.

Exercise 34: Am7 to C Major chord Picking

  • Use the proper picking pattern for the following exercise.

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