Lesson 01: Playing Your First 3 Notes

Music Notation Staff Symbols

  • G Clef (Treble Clef) – Marks the G Note above middle C by circling the second line from the bottom.  Is also shaped like an old fashioned G.
  • 4/4 Time Signature – most popular time signature used in modern music.  4 Beats Per Measure, Quarter Notes are the Beat.  A Time Signature states how many Beats per measure (top number) and what note is the beat (bottom Number). 
  • Staff – 5 Lines and 4 Spaces where musical notes are placed. 
  • Measure (also called a Bar) – The spaces of the Staff in between the Bar Lines.  Each measure contains the number of beats dictated by the Top number of the time Signature.  

Whole, Half and Quarter Notes

  • Whole Note – Looks like a large Circle.  A Whole note is heard consistently over 4 beats.
  • Half Note – A Circle with a Stem, is heard consistently over 2 beats.  
  • Quarter Notes – a dark circle with a Stem, a Quarter Note in 4/4 Time is the Beat.

The E Note

To play the E Note, you simply play String 1 Open (no finger).  Keep your Thumb in proper position.

The F Note

To play the F Note, place your 1st finger behind the 1st Fret.  Use the very tip of your finger to hold down the string.

The G Note

The G Note is played by placing your 3rd finger behind the 3rd Fret.  Use only your 3rd finger for this note.


Exercise 01: Playing the E Note as Quarter Notes

  • the 4 Clicks at the beginning of the Audio is the “Count In“.  The Count In sets the Tempo and is counted as Quarter Notes (4/4 Time).
  • the 4X at the means to repeat the measure for a total of 4 times. (play the measure 4x)
  • Use Proper Guitar Playing Technique and a Guitar Pick (See Video).

Exercise 02: Playing the F Note as Quarter Notes

  • The Name of the Note is the Letter Name (A B C D E F G).  
  • The Note Value – is the Duration of the Note (Whole, Half, Quarter, etc..).

Exercise 03: Playing the G Note

  • Half notes = 2 Quarter Notes in duration.  Counting out the beat (one..two..three..four..), the Half Notes below are played on the One and Three counts.
  • Whole Note = 4 Quarter Notes in Duration (2 Half Notes).  Play the Quarter note on the One count, and do not stop the note until the end of the measure.
  • Do not stop Whole Notes on the Fourth beat.  Whole notes sound out for the complete duration of the measure (all 4 beats).

Exercise 04: E and F Combo

Exercise 05: E and F Mix

Exercise 06

Exercise 07

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